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Wood Boat Repair at Sacramento Boat Repair

Classic Craft® repairing and restoring classic and antique wood boats for over 52 years.

Wood boat restoration and repair is a meticulous process with expert attention to detail to ensure the boat is period correct. With over 50 years of wood boat building, restoration and repairs, Classic Craft is your solution to expert wood boat repair.

wood boat blistering through brighwork finish
brighwork finish blistering on wood boat

This boat was brought to us after another shop completed a full restoration. Unfortunately the shop rushed the project, not allowing enough time in between coats, resulting in blistering throughout the brightwork finished surfaces. Another reason why wood boat restoration takes time and proper planning.

1922 Elco 37 foot Express Lauch
1922 Elco 37 foot Express Lauch

This wood boat project may look totaled to you but to the Classic Craft artisans this boat hull is just “a diamond in the rough”.

Wooden Boat Repairs-Before

Wooden Boat Repairs-After


This 20 foot Riva Super Tahoe had damage to the sides, totaling the bottom, engine stringers, and keel. This damage occurred when the trailer detached from the tow vehicle on the freeway near Placerville.

The boat is now back in service with new sides, bottom, and framework.

This Chris Craft Racing Runabout was in a bad storm causing major damage to the deck, sides, and bottom. This boat broke loose from it’s mooring and landed on the beach during a storm at Tahoe.

This boat has won a First place in Class, Best Chris of Show, and Best of Show under 22 feet.

This Chris Craft Racing Runabout came into the shop needing some major work.

After a major restoration of the wood planks on the sides, a new bottom, and new deck followed by a a paint job, this boat won a first place at Tahoe.

A 1922 37 foot long Elco Launch came into our shop in very neglected shape. The boat had been left out in the open in dry dock and forgot about for thiry years.

This boat went through a Classic Craft restoration. A new framework, engine stringers, transom, bottom, sides, deck were a small part of the woodwork. The boat has since won numerous trophies in multiple shows.

This 27 foot Rio needed a new bottom.

A new bottom completed and the boat once again floating on Tahoe.

Rolling a Century Coronado over to begin bottom work.

The bottom is completed making the boat watertight and will have many more years of life.

This 1961 Classic Mercury Saber boat was in very bad shape when first brought to Classic Craft. Spar varnish had peeled and stained sunbleached with the mahogany turning grey.

The restoration included, stripping, retighening the screws, new wood bungs, sanding and fairing, bleaching, sanding again, staininig, varnishing and new caulked lines. Winning a second place utility.

This Capri had seen better days. The varnish was failing and the bottom was leaking severely.

We fiberglassed the bottom sealing it, and stripped and refinished the deck and sides.