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Wood Boat Marine Paint & Supplies

We stock many hard to find items for Chris Craft and wood boat supplies such as marine glues, wood filler stains, marine spar varnishes, epoxies, caulking compounds, and fasteners for sale at our store.

We carry a full line of West System epoxy products for marine use.

Epifanes is one of three marine spar varnishs that we like to use at our shop. High solids,good flow out, and ultra-violet filters combined with a high gloss make this a very easy to use quick building varnish.

Interlux #96 known as Schooners varnish has been a long time favorite of this shop. This varnish contains ultra-violet filters to screen out the suns damaging rays. This varnish has excellant duabilty, water resistance, a silky application, and superior self leveling properties.

Z*Spar/Pettit varnish #2015 known as Flagship is a premimum exterior marine varnish. A very high solids combined with easy sand characteristics makes this a quick high build varnish. Ultra violet filters round out the package making this varnish durable and beautiful.

Pettit Marine Paint number 1959 referred to as Old Salem is a hard racing copper bronze. It gives older wood boats the traditional bronze colored bottom paint and can stand up to water erosion from speed boats. Non antifouling.

Original Chris Craft bilge red paint gives your restored boat an authentic interior finish.

Chris Craft blue enamel engine paint.

Authentic Chris Craft Mahogany filler stain for runabouts and utilities.

Chris Craft dark walnut stain used to stain coverboards and king planks.

Chris Craft Golden Walnut Filler Stain number 7680.

Chris Craft Cordova Filler Stain 749.

Chris Craft Corina Filler Stain 9802

Assorted Caulks, Adhesives, and Bedding Compounds.