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Fiberglass Boat Hull Repair in Sacramento

Fiberglass boat hull repair, Sacramento. Boat hull is defined as the side of the boat below the rub rail and above the chine or corner meeting the bottom.

Here we have photos of before and after of various fiberglass boat hulls showing you a few of the types and gelcoat colors of boats we repair. There are many fiberglass configuarations , laminations and composite elements used in doing a proper structural and cosmetic fiberglass boat repair. We try to use factory original gelcoat when available. Proper applications of these elements lead to quality marine composite repairs.

There are three common causes of fiberglass damage to boat hulls. The most common fiberglass hull repairs are neccessitated by dock collisions so make sure to invest in some quality boat fenders and use them! The second is caused by collisons from or with other boats, so stay alert and know the rules of navigation. Thirdly, improper tie up of boats at the dock and wave or wind induced movement causes alot of minor hull damage. Be sure to ask us how to tie up on the rivers and lakes and the use of spring lines.

All boat photos shot on premises at our Sacramento, CA shop.

This Armada boat was brought in with structural stem damage to the fiberglass and gelcoat from rubbing against the dock.
Fiberglass boat repair done inside of hull and then outside, with gel-coat applied and blended in. Gelcoat custom color matched.

Fiberglass boat hullside punched in and stess cracks in gelcoat radiatiing into color stripe. This is an example of major structural fiberglass damage.

Fiberglass boat repaired. Custom color matchs done and gelcoat restriped and blended in.

This Bayliner boat took a hard structural impact to it’s fiberglass hull. Multiple scrapes in the gelcoat and damage to the decals.

The fiberglass was ground inside and out. This is followed by new fiberglass laminations, sanding and shaping, a new coat of matching gelcoat, and new trim decals. Boat repair completed and the boat is ready for the water.

This Centurion boat had a run in with a dock during a windstorm. The boat hull sustained cosmetic damage to the fiberglass, solid gelcoat color, metal flake, and clear coat.

This Centurion boat had a run in with a dock during a windstorm. The boat hull sustained cosmetic damage to the fiberglass, solid gelcoat color, metal flake, and clear coat.

This Sanger boat sustained cosmetic damage to it’s stem when it hit the dock. The fiberglass was only slightly damaged and the color gelcoat chipped away from the fiberglass.

The fiberglass repair consisted of heavy sanding of the damaged area and then a paste was made from the matching gelcoat. After the gelcoat set, the repair was sanded. Then gelcoat sprayed, sanded and blended in.

Reinell boat got caught in the wind at a slip. Fiberglass damage done to the stem of the hull in the black and white gelcoat areas. Deep abrasion of the fiberglass laminations.

Fiberglass repair consisted of grinding the damaged area and feathering out. Laying up new fiberglass laminates then sanding and blending followed by spraying on the color matched gel.

This Glacier Bay Costal Runner Cat had air voids in the fiberglass on both sponsons. This is a photo of the starboard sponson stem air void.

Fiberglass has been ground, feather, and new laminattions applied. Sanded and shaped then new gelcoat applied and blended in completing this fiberglass repair.

The fiberglass and gelcoat on this Crownline boat was damaged at the dock during a windstorm.

This photo shows completed fiberglass and gelcoat repair to the stem of this Crownline boat.

This is a Nordic boat with severe gelcoat and fiberglass stem damage.

Fiberglass and gelcoat repairs completed and the Nordic is as good as new.

This Centurion had a collision (while anchored) with a metal patio boat driven by an inexperienced boat operator on a lake.

The repairs to the fiberglass included the white and black gelcoats and a metal flake stripe.

This Malibu boat suffered extreme hull damage from a collision. There was hull/deck seperation,and deck damage to 14 feet of hull from top to bottom.

The fiberglass hull was relaminated to the deck. The hull sides ground down and refiberglassed. Gelcoat was sprayed and the four colors duplicated.

Another photo showing more fiberglass and gelcoat damage to the rear of the boat.

The deck and hull sides repaired and new gelcoat applied.

Four Winns sustained damage at the dock to the gel coat causing many chips and gouges

Four Winns boat has been repaired with color matched gel coat on the green and white.

This boat had a run in with a forklift. Guess which vehicle won. Repairs were very detailed because of the multiple hull shapes and profiles as well as two color gel coat.

This photos shows the boat repairs completed and looking as good as new. This boat has a curved transom that is angled and also has three detail edges and a corner making it a much more complex repair.

More fiberglass boat repair photos coming soon.

More fiberglass boat repair photos coming soon.