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Custom Boats Built

Classic Craft ® builds two fiberglass boat prams. The boats are eight and ten foot models. The light weight models are approximately 85 and 100 pounds respectively. These boats work great as personal fishing boats on small lakes and rivers.


Ten Foot Fly Fishing Pram

View of the back of our 10 foot pram.


The wheels are and option, as is the bow deck and swivel seats.

Classic Craft® Salmon Fly

Ten foot fiberglass pram with a decadihedral fiberglass hull having high initial stability. The boat has an estimated weight of 100 pounds and has built in safety flotation and a flat floor which works great for fly fishing when stripping line. The boat is shown with optional anchoring device.

Cost $1,650.00

Custom Tule Duck Boat

There is a duck boat hunting model that weighs about 140 pounds. This boat can be customized to suite individual needs.

Fourteen and a half fool long boat with sharp entry and forty four inches of width, make a very stable easy poling boat. The boat is made of wood with the outside sheathed in fiberglass for durability. It has an estimated weight of 150 pounds adding to it’s stability. A flat floor which works great for moving about and two decoy boxes with easy access..

View of the back of our 14 duck boat.


You can see the duck boxes and pole hanger.

Custom Tule Duck Boat


Fourteen Foot Long Duck Boat

View of the back of our 14 duck boat.


You can see the duck boxes and pole hanger.


Cost $3200.00

Classic Craft® boat builders for over 40 years.

Building a early trimaran in 1976.

The following are just a few of the many boats Classic Craft has built over the years.


This Classic Keaton built by Classic Craft.

This boat was built in the keaton jet boat molds and was identical in specifications. A modern 350 chevy was installed and the boat hit 64mph as recorded by GPS.



A photo showing the wood platform on the Classic Keaton which aided watersport activities.






Night ride.



Interior designed and built by Classic Craft. 1979



36 foot Grand Mariner design built by Classic Craft.



Another photo of interior design by Classic Craft inside 36 foot Grand Mariner. 1979



Launching the boat and rigging the mast.



Launching the boat and rigging the mast.



Bare bones boat Hull. 1978

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